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The New Album THE COLLECTOR (Chapter 02) by [ TweakerRay ] is out now.
It's available as:

[ Limited Edition Deluxe CD ] (with Bonustracks + 12 Page printed booklet).
[ Deluxe Edition MP3 Download ] (with Bonustracks + pdf booklet).
[ Amazon Single MP3 Tracks ] (without Bonus).
[ Itunes Single MP3 Tracks ] (without Bonus).


[ TweakerRay ] made 3 new remixes. The first one is for the Artist:
Celldweller - I can't wait (TweakerRay Break ReMix).
Here is a small [ Teaservideo ] of that remix.
The Full version can be downloaded at TweakerRay's [ FiXT ReMix ] - profile.
Just [ register ] for FREE there to download most of TweakerRay's remixes.
And the second remix is Club Thing (TweakerRay ReMix) of the Artist:
Yoav - which you can download for FREE at [ www.tweakerray.de ]
The third ReMix is a new [ Nine Inch Nails ReMix ].
Burn (Angel of destruction remix by TweakerRay) can be downloaded for FREE at
[ Remix.nin.com ] and also it can be found at: [ Youtube ] ,[ Soundcloud ].


[ Binary Audio ] and [ TweakerRay ] won 2nd Place in the
[ Lucky One ReMix-contest ]. Check out the Track at [ Fixtremix.com ].
TweakerRay also did some new Tracks which you can download FREE.
Just visit [ www.tweakerray.de ]


[ TweakerRay ] just relased his 3-Track EP in the [ www.fixtstore.com ].
Here is a second [ Teaser ]. Go get it, while it's still fresh !!!.

The Deluxe Edition (only 4.99$) includes demos and over twenty minutes of commentary by TweakerRay, Instrumental Versions,
and a 5-Page PDF-booklet with Lyrics (Artwork by Vetter Itt).
When you buy the [ Deluxe Version ], send a copy of your order-confirmmail to 'Air(at)tweakerray.de'.
With that you will get access to some more goodies for FREE...

Watch TweakerRay's [ Facebook-Account ] or check [ www.tweakerray.de ] for updates. The song: [ Revenge (Nothing More to lose ReMix) ] as well as
[ Nine Inch Nails - Echoplex (TweakerRay ReMix) ] are both featured
in this teaser. To get this two songs for FREE simply rightclick.
and select 'Save as'.


TweakerRay is working on his [ solomaterial ]. But in the meantime you could check out 3 Songs, which he composed and produced for the US hip-hop band
[ ABiCA ].

'ABiCA' is an independent music group from Algonquin, Illinios. The group is comprised of two members: TAC & HASH. Although they donít like to confine their music to a specific label or genre, their sound can mainly be defined as hip-hop with heavy rock and industrial influences. The duo pride themselves on their ability to cohesively blend catchy hip-hop rhythms and guitar riffs with deep, emotional lyrics. And unlike most modern groups, ABiCAís music draws directly from REAL life experiences - something their fans truly appreciate.'

The Songs are called: [ Numb ] , [ I Can Be real ] and [ Nothing here ]. You can buy the songs at [ Amazon.com ] or get them at [ Itunes ].
Producer and friend [ Binary Audio ] also composed 4 Songs for the album.
You might recognize this producer and drummer for his fantastic remixes at
[ remix.nin.com ].

TweakerRay did a new ReMix for the Linkin Park Contest.
Check out 'The Catalyst (ReMix by TweakerRay)' [ here ].


TweakerRay won 1st Place in the Celldweller ReMix Contest with his:
[ The Best It's Gonna get (TweakerRay Dream ReMix) ].
A big big BIG Thanks to all the people who have taken time to rate,
comment and vote for this remix! Thanks for all the support !!!

Without you this would have not been possible !!! Thanks so much !!!

More infos about the ReMix here in this [ Interview ].
So visit TweakerRay's profile at [ Fixtremix.com ] and listen to his remixes.

Some new ReMixes you could also check are:

1/3 by Enduser - Listen to this one at my profile here at [ Fixtremix.com ].
Also I did a 2nd ReMix of How To Destroy Angels.
Check out 'The Drowning (TweakerRay ReMix)' at my remixprofile here at
[ remix.nin.com ].


Check <www.fixtremix.com> for a new ReMixes of:

< Celldweller - The Best It's Gonna Get (TweakerRay Dream ReMix) >.
< Enduser - 1/3 (TweakerRay ReMix) >. Both ReMixes are for Contests.
Please rate the remixes if you like them. Thanks for your support !

There are also 2 new ReMixes of 'How To Destroy Angels' at <remix.nin.com>
Follow TweakerRay at <twitter> to get updates or check out TweakerRay at <Facebook>.

Spite is also working on some new Tracks...


Two new ReMixes from TweakerRay are online at <www.fixtremix.com>.
One ReMix is for 'Celldweler' and is called : < EON >.
The 2nd ReMix is for 'Bulletproof Messenger' and is called : < This Fantasy >.
If you like them rate the remixes please. Thanks for your support !
Follow TweakerRay at <twitter> to get updates or check out TweakerRay at <Facebook>.

Spite is also working on some new Tracks...


TweakerRay won 2nd Place in the ReMixcontest with his ReMix for Celldweller.
Take a listen at the remix at his profile at <www.fixtremix.com>.
Thank you all for your support !!!

TweakerRay is now working on his Solo Stuff and finished two new ReMixes for the Band 'Bulletproof Messenger'.
The Songs are called < This Fantasy > and 'Lose it all'.


Hi ! Voting Started, and is not like we hoped that you can vote
for all remixes the same time.

So in order to win this. We need your help !!!

Step 1 Head over to: <www.fixtremix.com>. And register for free.

Step 2 You get a Registration-Email. Which you have to confirm
to unlock your account.

Now Login to your account at <www.fixtremix.com>.

Step 3 Go to my profile and click 'VOTE' for this song:

[ Louder than words (TweakerRay ReMix) ]

Step 4 The Star rating is just to say how much you like it.
(5 Stars would be best.) More important is your VOTE !!!

So in Order to win:

Its important that you only vote for this:

'Louder than words (TweakerRay ReMix)'

Otherwise the votes will split on my remixes and only the most Voted Song will win.

Thank you all for your support !!!!!


Voting for the Celldweller "Louder Than Words" < Remix Contest >
will begin on Monday, December 7th and end at midnight on Sunday December 20th.
The voting results will be revealed officially announced
on Monday December 21st! So please register (for free) at <www.fixtremix.com ].
And vote for our ReMix !!!! Thanks for your support !!!!


As you sure know: TweakerRay made 2 remixes for Celldweller.
Listen to them <here>.
H. Gunawan joined for another ReMix ! SPITE is back...
The ReMix was just uploaded so check it out:

<Celldweller (Spite Electro Club ReMix)>.


To Celebrate ten years of SPITE, we have a little [ Gift ] for you.
Also we deceided to put up all classic Spite songs in better quality.
All Songs from the VIRUS Album are now 320 Kbit/s Mp3s.
If you like them, support us and buy a copy of the album.
Thanks for your support.

Check out <remix.nin.com> for some new remixes by TweakerRay.


H. Gunawan & TweakerRay are currently working on other projects.
Check out <www.myspace.com/tweakerray> for some new stuff by TweakerRay.
Check out also: <www.tweakeray.de> for some remixes and older
productions by TweakerRay.

Choose your info:

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